The Five Cities communities currently get their water from a combination of surface water (water that collects surface streams, lakes, and reservoirs) and groundwater (water found in underground aquifers). The surface water sources are the State Water Project and the Lopez Lake Reservoir and the groundwater source is the Santa Maria Groundwater Basin (SMGB). During times of drought, less water is available from both surface water and groundwater sources.

Recycled Water

The Water Cycle. We learn it in elementary school, but what does the water cycle mean to us today? As our sources of water (rainfall, groundwater, seawater, recycled water, etc.) evolve, so does our sense of how water is connected on our planet. Mother Nature has been reusing water on Earth…

Groundwater Recharge

Groundwater is water found underground in the cracks and spaces in soil, sand and rock. Groundwater is stored in these geologic formations, known as aquifers, and can move through the spaces in the soil or rock, similar to underground lakes and rivers. Groundwater is naturally…

Existing Treatment Process

Advanced treatment – going beyond traditional water treatment to produce a purified water that is safe for human consumption. But what makes it ‘advanced’, and what is ‘purified water’? Before advanced treatment can occur, the water the water must be treated to a secondary…

Proposed Advanced Treatment Process

The Regional Groundwater Sustainability Project will build on the existing treatment processes at the Pismo Beach and SSLOCSD WWTPs to provide advanced treatment that will include: MF/UF, RO, and UV/AOP. These processes are described…

Water Recycling: At Home and Abroad

The Central Coast is not alone in leading water recycling and advanced treatment technologies. These processes have been tried and tested all over the world.  Follow along for a tour of other exciting water recycling projects in California, the United States, and the World.

Conserve Today, Preserve Tomorrow

Water Conservation Isn’t A Choice – It’s A Way Of Life


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